aged multi-species wood finish

aged multi-species

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We created this finish because we wanted the look and feel of reclaimed wood, without the hassle factor of nails, bugs, and paint, not to mention the chip-outs and gaps and cracks that allow a yucky mix of crumbs and liquids to take up residence in our dining table.

We use a colorful blend of wood species - cedar, douglas fir, oak, poplar, spruce, and various pines - and after laminating, use a hand-plane to add texture. Next we treat the wood with a vinegar-based wash that reacts differently with the tannins in each species to give it that well-worn patina. We seal the wood with a smoke-tinted natural oil for longterm protection.

style notes

An overall brownish-gray tone, with lots of color variation within (greens, yellows, browns, purples), this wood finish goes well with any of our steel finishes, but is most commonly paired with the waxed steel finish. It's our most forgiving finish, in that it comes pre-distressed with knicks and scrapes, seamlessly blending in the inevitable scratches and dents it will receive over time. Style-wise, think modern farmhouse.


Solid wood will expand and contract based on the humidity level of its environment. A good rule of thumb is to maintain a 40-50% relative humidity level in your home. This finish can be adapted for outdoor use by request, prior to/at checkout.  Products sealed with an exterior-grade finish will require regular maintenance (reapplication) according to your specific environmental conditions.

Although very strong, solid wood is susceptible to scratches and marks. Though very forgiving, we still recommend protecting the wood as best you can with the use of trivets, coasters, and pads for hot, wet, or coarse items.

bento coffee table | aged wood with waxed steel
highline stool | aged multi-species wood finish with waxed steel