stainless steel finish

stainless steel

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As a bright, silvery alternative to our other steel options, the stainless steel finish consists of a different steel alloy (304L grade). Known for its anti-corrosive characteristics, it does not readily oxidize (rust) or stain.

style notes

The stainless steel finish works with any of our wood finishes, though it really shines with the worn maple or volcanic ash finishes. Slightly more expensive than our other steel finish options, we usually recommend this finish if the piece will be placed in a room with other stainless steel items that you'd like to coordinate with, such as light fixtures, door/window hardware, stair railings, etc.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, use a microfiber cloth for basic dusting and a wet/damp cloth to wipe off spills.

double jak dining table | worn maple wood finish with stainless steel
5' entry table | volcanic ash wood finish with stainless steel