waxed steel finish

waxed steel

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Our waxed steel finish offers more color depth, nuance, and tonality than does our matte black steel option. It delivers the industrial modern, rugged edge to our furniture collection, while still providing a smooth finish that's easy to wipe clean.

To create this finish, we apply a "bluing" solution to carbon steel which gives it an overall dark blue-steel gray color with some bronze-brown highlights. Next we wax it to protect the metal from oxidation (rust).

style notes

The waxed steel finish pairs well with any of our wood finishes but we tend to like it best with the aged multi-species, natural or cerused ash, or worn maple finishes, because it adds an industrial warmth that complements those wood finishes especially well. Stylistically, think modern farmhouse. When used with the volcanic ash wood finish, it adds an element of rock and roll we'd call Seattle modern.


Best suited for indoor use, use a microfiber cloth for basic dusting and a damp cloth to wipe off spills. Reapply Sculpt Nouveau Clear Metal Wax (or similar) every 24 months, or as needed, to minimize patina (rust).
highline counter stool | aged wood finish with waxed steel
bento coffee table | worn maple wood finish with waxed steel
concord entry table | worn maple wood finish with waxed steel