worn maple wood finish

worn maple

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Wowzers, this finish is breathtaking. The marbling effect is absolutely stunning. We created this finish to take a slightly more refined approach to the worn/reclaimed look. Think of it as the sophisticated, older brother of our aged multi-species wood finish.

This finish consists of domestically grown and responsibly harvested solid maple. After surfacing the rough sawn lumber, we hand select and arrange each plank based on its color and naturally-occurring unique markings (pitch pockets, mineral streaks, and knots). Just like our aged multi-species wood finish, we treat the maple with a vinegar-based wash, which reacts with the tannins in the wood resulting in the color/tone variations you see in the photos. We then seal it with a smoke-tinted natural oil for long term protection.

style notes

An overall light brown/nude-purply-gray tone, this wood finish pairs best with either the waxed or stainless steel finishes. For a rugged industrial look, choose waxed steel; for an uptown vibe, go with stainless. File this finish under coastal modern.


Solid wood will expand and contract based on the humidity level of its environment. A good rule of thumb is to maintain a 40-50% relative humidity level in your home. This finish can be adapted for outdoor use by request, prior to/at checkout. Products sealed with an exterior-grade finish will require regular maintenance (reapplication) according to your specific environmental conditions.

Although very strong, solid wood is susceptible to scratches and marks. Therefore we still recommend protecting the wood as best you can with the use of trivets, coasters, and pads for hot, wet, or coarse items.

bento bench | worn maple wood finish
concord entry table | worn maple wood finish with waxed steel
double jak dining table | worn maple wood finish with stainless steel