Seventeen20 is a small furniture company specializing in handcrafted, industrial modern furniture design.

the story

In 2011, we were on a quest to furnish our in-progress home remodel with unique and interesting pieces, made in America, if possible, and made of solid hardwood rather than plywood and veneer. We wanted furniture with an industrial modern edge that would look at home in a suburban home. We wanted clean lines and natural colors and textures. We wanted... something that didn't exist yet.


Jon: The first piece in our collection, really, what launched the company, was the original dining table. Fitting name, right? :)  We wanted a durable, beautifully simple table and bench set. A big one, too: one that would seat 8-10 and would set the tone for the open living space we had recently created (by demo-ing a couple of walls). Obviously the design is incredibly simple. But what we love about it is what's not there--there's no skirting/apron--it's just an open steel structure and tabletop. The aged wood finish is special too--it's warm and varied. The set is rustic, but the minimalist table base/leg design keeps it from feeling too farmhouse. Every piece we've designed comes from that same place--the desire for simple and durable. We want that perfect marriage of industrial modern and real life.


Sarah: Exactly... sometimes modern is too perfect. It's great if your house is a show room and you don't have pets or kids or clumsy husbands (oh wait, I'm the clumsy one!)... and industrial can sometimes be out of place in a typical residence. It can become a caricature of itself, I think, like you're doing an industrial "theme." I just really wanted pieces that were rugged for real life, but beautiful too, and warm. So... I think we've nailed it! :) The bed is by far my favorite piece--the steel tubing is super special--no one uses 2x6 steel tubing! And on a bed! I absolutely love it. Well done, honey! ;)

Each piece in our collection is handcrafted (literally, made by hand!). We've refined our process, but the result is almost always perfectly imperfect: each table/bed/cupboard/stool/etc.... has its own nuances in everything from wood/steel tones, to the naturally-occurring unique markings in the wood (pitch pockets, mineral streaks, knots) and steel (mill scale). We believe these nuances ensure you are welcoming something totally unique and extraordinary into your home or workplace.

the mission

Our mission is to create home furnishings that marry modern minimalism with industrial toughness, using responsibly-sourced materials that can take a beating and look cool doing it. We are excited to be part of the shift we believe is happening in American culture, away from the instant, mass-produced, disposable, towards the long-awaited, small-batch, forever-cherished.